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Español – (English) | Meaning (significado) |
Abordaje (Approach): | A ship collision with another. |
Adrizamiento (Righting): | A state of total horizon of a vessel. |
Amura (Tack): | Part of the side of a ship where the narrows to form the bow. |
Aventura (Aventure): | Travel back and forth. |
Averías Generales (General Breakdown): | Include only loss, damage to the ship dueto bad weather, stranding, abort-age fire. |
Babor (Port): | The ship left. |
Baos (Beams): | Cross support to strengthen and support the roof. |
Barateria (Barratry): | Act of misconduct of the captain or crew in deterioration of the vessel owner or lesson. |
Barlovento (Wind-ware): | Part of where the wind comes. |
Bita (Bita): | Element used to secure or moor a ship. |
Bitacora(Logbook): | Daily book. |
Buque en Lastre (Ship in Ballast): | When the ship was unloaded, but need to navigate stable weight, usually sea water. |
Buque de Roca (Ship Rock): | When the ship is empty, just with the weight structure, lining, machinery, cabuyerira. |
Buque Liviano (Light Ship): | Is ready to receive cargo. |
C Y F (C&F) | Which contract with the seller is obliged to paythe freight but not insurance. |
CIF (Cost and freights): | Contract stating that the price of the thing understands the value of freight insurance. |
Calado (Draft): | Depth necessary for navigation. |
Capacidad Carga (Load Capacity): | Also Known as dead weight dead (Weigh tonnage). |
Carena (Carina): | Hull maintenance. |
Cargador (charger): | Legal form of an entity that provincea service. |
Caso Fortuito (Fortuitous Event): | Unexpected events, characteristic of human beings. |
Club de P y I (P and I Club): | Protection and Indemnity. |
Codastes (Stern): | Prolongation of the keel from the stern up. |
Constreñido (Constrained): | (Bound). |
Contrato de Fletamento (Charter Contract): | (Contract where by the ship-owner agrees to comply with a preset trip ship,take or bring a charge in exchange for a provision). |
Cornamusa (Bagpipe): | Element is used to secure a boat, set in to the floor of the pier. |
Cuadernas (Frames): | (Ribs of the hull, the greater the teacher). |
Cuarentena (Quarantine): | (Administrative segregation is done to a boat on general grounds health). |
Cuarto de Navegación (Navigation Room): | Navigation table, bars,parallel, charts. |
Cubierta (Cover): | Ceiling surface that servers to hold a ship. |
Culpa (Fault): | The conduct is culpable if the result is a product of the acts of a person I should have expected to be predictable. |
Daños Emergente (Emerge Damage): | Is the physical acute something happens to. |
Derrota (defeat): | Speed and course. |
Dolo (Dolo): | The conduct is intentional when theperson knows the facts of a rule infraction and wants its realization. |
Dominio (Domain): | Is a person who owns something |
Echazon (Jettison): | Merchandise or throwing cargo overboard. |
Embalaje (Packaging): | Packaging that protect the merchandise. |
Escorar (Shore): | Ship tilted by the force of wind or other causes. |
Escotilla (Hatch): | Opening in the deck which gives access tothe wineries. |
Eslora (Length): | Ship over. |
Estanco (Watertight) | Sealing, waterproofing. |
Estibar (Stow): | Accommodate the load on the ships hold. |
Estima (Esteem): | Calculate the approximate location of a ship by the directions fallowed. |
Estribor (Starboard): | Right ship. |
Fas (Along side Ship): | Purchase or sale contract, it assumes the risk of loading and unloading. |F.I: | Free of charge. |
F.I.O: | Free of charge and discharge. |
F.O: | Free of discharge |
F.O.B: | Free on board (Purchase and sale agreement, does not assume the risk of loading and unloading). |
Feus (Feus): | 40 Containers |
Fletador (Charterer): | User. |
Fletante (Freighter): | Ship-owner. |
Fondeadero (Anchorage): | Arc near the pier, as site waiting to be served. |...
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