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  • Publicado : 23 de marzo de 2011
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* The government has an influence over the people it intends to govern. At times government makes proposal that are unjust, butpeople in fear of going against the government do not protest. They wait to see what the majority of the people will do. Everyone waits to see what the other will do. Associety fails to respond, the government gains power, it attracts those people that would not have otherwise supported it.

* Thoreau believed that people should notbe afraid to not support the government if they felt it was wrong. He felt that people should use their influence to fight for change.

* My slogan, “Does themajority truly rule”, attempts to highlight the previous bullet point. I believe that when something is truly unjust, the majority of people recognize this. However, when themajority fails to speak up or to protest, they appear as the minority. As a result of their failure to speak out or to protest, they appear as though they are theminority. This is why Thoreau was angry with those people that did not believe in themselves.

* Thoreau’s main point was that the government should be a tool forcarrying out the will of the people. When the government fails to do so, the people must be willing to put enough pressure on the government to force it to change. Thoreauwas not against the government , he just wanted to make sure that it did what it was intended to do.

* According to Thoreau, if people put enough pressure ongovernment, they can force it to change. However, if they do not and begin to accept things as they are, things will not change and the people true will and desires will be lost.
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