¿What's the most important for me in my life?

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  • Publicado : 8 de septiembre de 2010
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1. Family: Because they have been there with me since I was a baby, they watched me grow and they helped me to be the person that I’m today, also I know that they will be there for me when I´ll needit the most and I want to do de same for them.

2. Love: because we need to love all the aspects in our life in fact we need to love your job, the people around you, like our partner and our matesand the most important thing our life.

3. Work/study: Because in it depends my future, and I like to learn new things and try to make the things different, and if I want to do that things ofcourse that the study and the work are something that I must do and have as one of my priorities.

4. Friends: because there are the people who make my life easier they make me laugh every time they canor they dry my tears when I cry, they are the people before my family that most know me in this word and this group of people has a special place in my heart that nobody can erase.

5. Success: weall want to succeed in our lives, we want to succeed in love, succeed in our work with friends etc. and success is meeting our goals and get what we want for our lives.

6. Health: if we do not havehealth we cannot have the rest of the other things.

7. Money: Because, today the world is moved by the money, unfortunately we cannot get very far without it and one way or another we all need it.8. Sports: Because it is something that i enjoy doing, And That help me to find what i want for me also helps me be more healthy and relax from time to time but I cannot put as a priority for me,because it is not necessary to practice sports all the time for me to feel good.

9. Free time: we all need a moment for ourselves, an hour or two when we can rest from all the things thatoverwhelm us or cause us some bother, but we cannot spend all our time thinking about ourselves and have some rest because we are in a world of actions and we cannot decide not to act and let others do it...