What are keys to success?

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  • Publicado : 17 de marzo de 2011
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What are keys to success?

The key to success factors are elements that allow you to achieve the objectives
is drawn and make a distinction people by making them unique
Toidentify key success factors must look inward, to know what
the personality characteristics that positive and negative.

1. Motivation and perseverance: First of all, it isvery important that any
activity that wants to succeed, want to do, and be consistent, and that although there
difficult times fight for it, not to get depressed and go to thefront, because although
sometimes you fall, you can always get up again.

2. Responsibility: The responsibility is a commitment to what is done and the
time, so as toachieve the goals proposed, is to be honest not only with a
company or a job, it's about being responsible to yourself and your own

3. Clear goals: set your goals andwork to get it meeting them. If you have a plan
life course, it's hard not to do, because they concentrate all efforts to achieve
specifically that and not lost on theroad. Sometimes it is difficult and takes time but if
a still point to get anything that is proposed is going to achieve.

4. Emotional Intelligence: We have always heard that IQ wasdetermining whether a person would succeed in life, a test couldn’t mark the future academic and career success. Think for a moment the importance of the
emotions have on ourdaily lives and will quickly realize that most of
often make our decisions.

5. Teamwork: Ability to work with others is essential to the success of
life, humans are socialbeings and it is impossible to try to do everything alone, as
important to know teamwork is tolerance, because we always have staff
to our side and we are all different.
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