What can i do there

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* What can I do there?
You can visit the beaches of cd del Carmen.
* What should I do there?
You should visit the museum and go to the boardwalk at night

* Where should I go?
Youshould go to the theater when there is a presentation

* What time of the year should you go there?
you should go in the summer when you can visit its beaches

* What are three things you cando there?
you can visit the pier, swim in its beaches and visit the places

* Can you buy anything special?
Yes, you can buy some souvenirs on the waterfront
* What shouldn’t a visitormiss?
He shouldn’t panic and should get help
* What’s the best time of year to visit?
the best time of year to visit is in summer

* What’s the weather like then?
the climate in summer is hotbut nice to go to the beach

* What should tourists see and do there?
tourists should go see the zoo and the park is on one side

* What special foods can you eat?
they can eat seafood* What’s the shopping like?
The shopping most beautiful is plaza Palmira that is big
* What things should people buy?
they should buy some souvenirs
* What else can visitors do there?they can rest
* Where can you get information about your city?
they may have information on the craft market

* Where’s a good place to buy souvenirs?
a good place to buy souvenirs is thecraft market.

* Where’s an inexpensive place to eat?
a cheap place is the market

* What historical sights should you visit?
they should visit the museum, the fountain, the church found inthe center.
* Where’s the best place to hear music?
you can hear music in clubs or cafes

* Where’s a cheap place to shop for clothes?
they can buy cheap clothes in the center

* Whatfun things can you do for free?
en ratos libre puede visitar el zoologico, bañarse en la playa o ir al malecon
* Where’s a popular place to meet?
they can meet in a cafe for example the "tip...
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