What is an earthquake?

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  • Publicado : 7 de enero de 2012
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An earthquake is the sudden movement of the Earth, caused by the sudden release of stored energy for a long time.
Usually these movements are slowand imerceptible, but in some cases these plates collidle as giant icebergs ground on an ocean of magma present in the depths of the Earth, preventing their movement.BECAUSE EARTHQUAKES OCCUR
Earthquakes are caused by movements in the crust.
Esplain thath the crust is fragmented into twenty large pieces called tectonic plates.Seismic Zone
A seismic zone is a región in wich the rate of seisminactivity remains fairly consistent.
This May mean that seismic activity is incredubly rare, or that it isextremely common.
Some people often use theterm ‘’seismic zone’’ to talk about an area with an increased risk of seismic activity.

What to do during an earth quake
Continuein until the end of the earthquake.
Stay away from any objects that could fall on you.
Stay Away from Windows and mirrors also one whose glass could break and cut you.Look for a desk or study furniture and get under

To do after a Earthcuake
Check to determinate if then property is habitable or not asses the damage
If you are prepared,cooperate in providin assistance and first aid care
Do not try to move seriously injured or fractured
Follow the advice of the authotithies and the Civil defensecommittee
Meet with your children and family in the common meeting place previously established afther the earthquake occurred

Earthquakes producedifferent consequences that affect people in active seismic regions.
They can cause great loss of life by demolishing structures such as buildings, bridges and dams.
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