What is art

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Essay plan

* What is art for me
* What is considerate art

Main Body

* How can I use art of a way of expression
* What I like about art
* How art take apiece of your life
* How you use it as a benefit


* Art have been done something for me?

What has art ever done for me?

Art for me is the way you can express your self inyour own way and perspective, taking place to every idea you can have, or every felling you want to show, it doesn’t matter if you use a canvas, a photo or any other material, for me art is not alwaysbased in the technique but in the intention.
Art is very objective, as you can considerate art Mona Lisa it can be Graffiti too, as far I concerned is like beauty its on the eye of the beholder. Artit’s also in the pocket of promoter at times, sometimes unfortunately. All art is not fine art, nor is it about just beauty.

Art like I said before it’s based on beauty, but also in the felling ofthe creator, the ideas that he have or any emotion he felt in the moment to make any painting, sculture, or anything, using art as a way to expression, a way that don’t need an explanation, just theone that you want to give it.

What I like about art is the freedom that it gives to you, freedom to understand what you see as the way you like, to listen some song and relate it with your lifeexperience, art without prospects, art don’t need a reason, art its beauty by then self, you don’t need any parameter its just art.

When you get into art, every kind of it, it turns in a part of yourlife in the way that you relate it with your life experience, and sometimes you get into others experience, that understand your way, when you recognize art as beauty may you could turn around and seethe world in a very different concept.

It just don’t help us to see in a different way the things, in the same way it makes you give a different value to some many thing that globalization has...
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