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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2012
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Short Paper Assignment 1: What is beauty? Pick something you think is beautiful
and defend your choice.
What is beauty? Beauty is a mixture of traits that pleases a person’s senses. Beauty has todo with many things such as aesthetics, shapes, and colors that engage a person’s mind to determine whether or not a “thing” is beautiful. Beauty is a topic that can be very opinionated because ofeveryone’s different taste and likes. Beauty in my opinion is Minimalist Architecture. The concept “Minimalist Architecture” comes from the word minimum, with uses simplicity of lines and shape tocreate beautiful architecture. Minimalism was made famous by a phrase from the known architect Mies van der Rohe that stated “less is more. There are many famous architects and architecture that usesthis simplicity movement to create beauty. Minimalism is the new style that is revolutionizing architecture and the people who create it
Mies van der Rohe and his phrase “less is more” haverevolutionized the way people think about this beauty of Minimalist Architecture that exist among us. The phrase emphasizes how one can create beautiful architecture with just simple and minimal materials.In his work, Mies created architecture with just the two simple materials, glass and steel. “Less is more” is a visual approach of arranging components of a building to create and sense of extremesimplicity. In minimalist architecture ornamentation are quality rather than quantity. The designs use simplicity in elegant shape structures to create its beautiful look. In this architecture,architects focus on the connections of perfect planes, the use of lighting and carefully consider the void spaces to create a style in the architecture. “Less is more” have evolved into a minimalistic wayof thinking where architecture becomes simple and pleasant to the human eye.
Minimalism is the propensity to reduce the architecture to the bare minimum and to maintain the simplicity in line,...
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