What is consumerism

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What is consumerism?

Consumerism is when people spend as much as they can and even more than they have. People who are consumerist spend money onthings that they don’t really need, and waste a lot of money buying stuff that they just want to own.
A consumerist person needs to buy things all thetime, if they don’t do it, they could feel dissatisfied or become depressed. Whenever they go to a mall or just walk around the streets they come home withnew stuff because shopping is a kind of addiction for them.
A really big problem with people who are consumerist is when they use a credit card to payfor their purchases. Credit cards are the main reason that people get into debt, but it happens because they don’t know how to use them and spend moremoney buying things than they earn. I think that people can solve these problems by following a budget or just not using a credit card.

What are somenegative aspects of consumerism?

It can affect us in too many negative ways and some of these are…
* Nowadays people tend to rely on technologyand they spend a lot of money buying gadgets. That’s why the crime rate has increased because everyone has a laptop in their bag and a pretty cell phonein their pocket.
* Consumerism also pollutes the environment. People buy things but these things will not work after a few years and the owner throwsit away polluting our planet.
* Consumerism depletes natural resources and increases the wasting of products, consequently damaging the environment.
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