What is health?

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What is Health?
Is a metabolic efficiency. Sickness is metabolic inefficiency. Nobody is totally healthy or totally sick. Each of us is a unique combination of health and sickness. And each of ushas a unique combination of abilities and disabilities, both emotional and physical.
Health is when your body functions as it is supposed to. You need nutrition and exercise to maintain your health.Your body defends against illness and disease, but you must use caution to avoid injury and poison. If you are healthy, you will heal quicker.
A major part of health concerns healing. After you havebecome sick or injured, your body will fight the disease and then attempt to heal the wounds. Although there are some drugs that can relieve pain, the major part of healing is natural.
Protectingagainst further attacks or injury and being in good health helps the healing process.

What is Physical Health?
Physical health is the overall condition of a living organism at a given time, thesoundness of the body, freedom from disease or abnormality, and the condition of optimal well being. People want to function as designed, but environmental forces can attack the body or the person may havegenetic malfunctions. The main concern in health is preventing injury and healing damage caused by injuries and biological attacks.
Exercise is an important aspect of maintaining our health. Mostpeople know the importance of exercise in building and maintaining muscle tone, improving fitness, weight control, etc.
Exercise benefits the whole person. It not only helps the person to becomephysically fit but also can increase confidence, self-discipline, relationships and emotional health. The benefits of health reach far beyond what we see in the present. 
What is Mental Health?
Mentalhealth is how we think, feel and act as we cope with life. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others and make choices. Like physical health, mental health is important at every stage...