What the united states lost on 9/11

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  • Publicado : 28 de diciembre de 2011
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September 11 of 2001 was a blow to the United States and the world. What I don’t like is that at first they entered Iraq because they said they had weapons of mass destruction. This War on Terrorwhich includes the Iraq and Afghan War have not only claimed countless lives, but has been a bottomless pit to the global economy. September 11 gave an instant start to the Global War on Terror. TheUnited States society redefined his enemies and marked the United States priorities in front of the World.. I am not saying the War was a failure; instead Al Qaeda has been blown out in all theirrefugees, their principal leaders are dead, their potential on global terror has been reduced. The obsession for Al Qaeda caught the attention and some issues of more strategic importance the War on Terror. Ibelieve the United States loose sight of china and our necessity to compete with them. Renovating our infrastructure and investing on science and technology using a few of the billions spent on thewar. Concentrated on following Terror and guaranteeing security eliminated all ecologic compromises and postponed a migration agreement that could have been historic for Mexico. The United States putaside the economic, ecologic, and political problems that mark the future. Now there is an economic crisis throughout the world and the United States is still the most powerful of the world what Iwant to say is that we all the United States need to focus on haw to regenerate the wealth and power. It is important to mention that in a way I do not believe in returning bad for bad or injustice forinjustice. In a way I believe that drugs are an important issue affecting lots of American’s at this time. I believe that Al Qaeda wanted to produce more Drugs because they knew that lots of drugsenter to the USA and that is where the money is. They say that Mexico is one of the greatest producers of drugs that enter the United States and I do not think they put some attention on educating...
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