What we do not know about gay priest

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  • Publicado : 20 de septiembre de 2010
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University of Quindio


Argumentative Essay

Diego Alessánder Téllez


The issue about gay priests is something which has been criticizedand often condemned in the whole world. Many people see gay priests as a black side of the church and a deprivation for other priests to display a good image about themselves. The concep of honestpriests is very difficult to understand.As a priest,especially,accepts that has made many mistakes before realizing he really wanted to become a priest,consuming drugs,doing gay practices and so on.now,that is something that can not be practiced before such an important decisión.Actually,I am absolutely sure that priests should be well known and honest people from an early age in order to assume aposition at the church.

First at all, priests should be sent to examination and interviews which certifícate they are prepared for being priests. Many important newspapers all over the worldhave said some priests´ death certificates indicate that they have died of AIDS or have faced some drugs problems.Then,we find it very easy to understand that all those priestes have not had areligious life for a long time.Therefore,they are not honest and admirable priests at all.Now, let us analize a case where a mother needs to work and has to leave her son under the care of an unknow person,the mother could have to believe in that person so as for the child to be fine all the day,surely the res of her family would like to know how this person was before.It is an important requirement tobe sure nothing wrong is gong to happen after a while.All in all people just should accept people as a priest from their own comuniy so as to be safe as appropiate.

Another important stepbefore being a priest is to show vocation. Priests shoud work hard on what they really want for a period of time, in this way, many people will have the chance of checking out what the future priests...
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