When should parents let teens make their own decisions?

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when should parents let teenagers make their own decisions?
Good morning, honorable members of the jury (or judges), teachers, and students.Today I am going to talk about when should parents let teenagers make their own decisions? And what it means to me, specially because I am also a teenager.Information
* Teens should be able to make (most) their own decisions, bearing in mind that the parents have taught them right from wrong and they alsohave common sense!

For instance, things like dying hair, spending money, getting jobs, doing homework, dieting, what movies and music they listen to,make up they wear, clothes they wear (as long as they aren't slutty, and parents can make suggestions) and stuff like that, teens should decide for themselves.Other things like piercings, tattoos, smoking, drinking, driving, dating (parents should be lenient on who they date, but if who they are dating isdefinitely unsuitable they shouldn't be allowed to date them), how long they stay out and stuff like that, parents should decide on.
* Partially, but only ifthe teen has proved themselves worthy of making their own choices. I know some teenagers who would be killed in three seconds if their parents weren'twatching over them. But on the other hand, I know other teens who could live for years by themselves and nobody would even realize that they're a teen. It reallydepends on the kid, but I do think every kid should start learning how to take responsibility and how to take care of themselves at the age of at most 15.
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