Where does heat go?

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Background Research

Science fair Project: Cold Pack Chemistry: Where does heat go?

An exothermic reaction is a chemical reaction that is accompanied by the release of heat. Is the energyneeded for the reaction to occur is less than the total energy it liberate. Then energy is released, usually in the form of heat.
Unlike the exothermic reaction the endothermic reactions is theopposite because an exothermic reaction that releases energy, usually to the surroundings. There is a net loss of energy from the reactants.

Some examples of endothermicreactions:
* mixing water and ammonium nitrate( ionic compound)
* mixing water with potassium chloride
* reacting ethanoic acid with sodium carbonate
photosynthesis (chlorophyll is usedto react carbon dioxide plus water plus energy to make glucose and oxygen)

Some examples of exothermic reactions:
* Combustion of fuels
* Epoxy raisin setting* Mixing of water and acid
* Mixing sodium sulfite and bleach
* Mixing water with an anhydrous salt

Heat capacity is The ratio of the heat energy absorbed by a substance to thesubstance's increase in temperature( heat energy: is a measure of energy: BTU)(Such as Joule but a Joule expanded in applying force)

What is the chemical formula for ammonium nitrate dissolving into water?NH4NO3(S) NH4 (AG) +NO3 (AG)

How does the heat capacity of water compare with the heat capacity of other commonmaterials, such as aluminum, glass, or air?

Heat capacity is lower on water, when body water has reach maximum temperature (100* C: boiling point) and you quit heating it,immediately starts cool down.
Definition of entropy?

Entropy is the quantitative measure of disorder in a system. The concept comes out of thermodynamics, which deals with the transfer of heat...
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