Where is the love

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  • Publicado : 11 de marzo de 2012
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Where is the love
In this part of the age we’ve got a lot of social problems; racism, terrorism etc. It is hard to stop being violent, aggressive when the situations around you are so hard anddifficult to support your principles. In my opinion the song is one of the most incredible songs ever; it treats the social problematic that is involving us in this time. This song is an interesting criticto the people in the world, how we are disrespecting to each other and how our rights are being destroyed. The center of those problems is the education, everybody needs to have an education sincethey are little kids and that is one of the ways to stop being ignorant and start to think like a person who cares about the world and the persons who live in it.
The social problematic in the wholeworld is changing our minds, some people start to think a way to save the world and to stop discrimination, violence, global warming and pollution, some other people are just thinking how to be richand how they can reach their objectives. This people is the one who’s killing the world, you are here to be someone and everyone has a roll in the society, everyone needs rights, everyone needs to feelrespected by others, everyone needs things to live, everybody wants to be happy.. So, why we have to be selfish, disrespectful, intolerant, inpatient? We have to start considering that we’re not onlyone in the world, we have to learn how to live with someone else, we have to know that everyone is here to make history and to reach everything what they want, that’s the part where you have to thinkthat everyone has a life and you’re just a human, and all humans in the world are in equality of conditions. The problem is that everything what we see in television or in magazines, sometimes whatthe technology show us is our example of life, all the medias show us a prototype of person, a prototype of life and as humans we can’t think by ourselves we just learned what the society or our...
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