White tiger

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Essay: How would you describe to Balram?

Every person is different; since we were born we started to create our own personality. Sometimes the place from we are have some influence in our person,the society is very important for us, the rules must be obey and we have to choose the life we want.
Like I was saying, the society plays an important role in our life. Sometimes it marks how wehave to be, if we don’t obey it we are bad or we are not good for the world. A mother always is saying to her children what they have to do, she don’t accept when they want to take a decision, well somemother are exception, but just a small number. In some places there are just black or white, no exist something in between; that´s no fair for people.
Nowadays some societies are opener than in thepast, but others are still very closer, they have been submitted for old societies. Some of them looked for their independence and they got it. But in every society the money is very important; a richperson has the power of everything, this person can do anything and nobody will say anything, everyone will accept that. But in the other hand there are the poor people, they are servants for richpeople, they are the last in a society. They are traded like animals and stuff, they have a lot of labels and usually people ignore them.
In the story of “White Tiger” the person who is theprotagonist is a poor person; he was born in India, a new free country. Balram grew up in the poor community of Laxmangarh, he was a promising student in a school where his teacher has privately sold theirschool uniforms and stolen the lunch money appropriated for poor children.  Balram, however, has to give up a scholarship and drop out the school to work, breaking coals at a tea shop to help pay for hissister’s wedding, the money for which has been borrowed from a lender.
When he heard that drivers of taxis can earn good money living in a bigger city, he persuaded his grandmother to help finance...
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