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In a play that talks about loyalty, if there were no betrayal, it would not be very exciting. If it were not for Caius Cassius, the excitement in the play of Julius Caesar would not exist. CaiusCassius’s role in the story is as the leader and guide of the conspiracy to kill Julius Caesar. He is a very important character. One comes away from the play feeling that he is a coward and greedyperson.

Caius Cassius is the leader and controller of the conspiracy against Caesar because he gathered a group to kill him. (Act II Scene 1 p. 37) The conspirators against Julius Caesar were: CaiusCassius, Marcus Brutus, Casca, Trebonius, Cigarius, Decius Brutus, Metellus Cimber and Cinna. He began by manipulating Marcus Brutus in Act. I Scene. 2 by telling him that Julius Caesar did not deserve tobe emperor. He also created the plan to kill Julius Caesar (Act I Scene 3 p.28). So, it is clear that Cassius is the leader and mastermind behind the group. It is Caius Cassius who starts thediscussion about him, influencing the other members of the group like Casca as in Act I Scene 3.
Cassius is a very important character, because his actions affected everyone in the play. Had Marcus Brutusnot been exploited, Julius Caesar would not have been killed. The act of killing Julius Caesar caused the death of most of Caius Cassius’s friends. Marcus Brutus would never have killed Julius Caesarif Caius Cassius had not placed the idea of Julius Caesar being bad for Rome in his head. Important characters connect important events. (Act I Scene 2 p. 15)The play is about the most important eventcaused by Caius Cassius, which is the death of Caesar. Caius Cassius’ words become so powerful, that they make everyone mad at Julius Caesar, even the ones who were on Caesars side were angry withgrief. (Act III Scene 1 p. 78)

Caius Cassius controlled the majority of the conspirators to do what he wanted; these actions led the reader to believe that he was a coward and avid person. Caius...
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