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• INSTRUCTION: • Try to win $ 1 million by answering all 5 questions correctly. You have three lifelines to help you along the way, and they are: • Call-a-buddy: ask your friend the question. He orshe will give you the answer and percent of how sure they are. • 50% chance: this lifeline removes two of the wrong answers. • Audience Assistance: summon the help of the audience.

QUESTIONS: 1. What company is super Mario the official mascot of?
a. Nintendo. b. Sega c. Microsoft d. Sony

2. which author wrote the novel “the da vince code”? a. John grisham

b. David Baldacci
c. DanBrown d. Philip Roth

3. What vegetable gives Popeye superhuman strength?

a. Carrots
b. Lettuce c. Spinach d. Tomato

4. who performed song “eye of tiger” for film rocky iii ? a. Europe b.Journey c. Survivor

d. Maynard Ferguson

5. Tinky, Winky, Po, Dipsy and Laa-Laa are characters on what children’s television program?
a. Sesame Street

b. Barney and Friends
c. Teletubbies d.Blue Peter

6. who plays mary in the 1998 comedy there’s “something about mary”?
a. b. c. d. Tara Reid Anne Heche Gwyneth Paltrow Cameron Diaz

7. Which of the following might an audience doat a sporting event?
a. The high tide

b. The wave
c. The shark d. The ocean

1. Which pop band was Justin Timberlake a member of?
a. Pussycat dolls b. The backstreet boys c. N’sync d. Blink182

2. What television series did the Olsen twins began their acting careers on? a. Boy meets world b. Full house c. Family matters d. Step by step

3. How company does the stock symbol GE standfor? a. General Electric b. Generic Energy c. Good Entertainment

d. General Edison

4. what is the first name of former u.s. president bill clinton’s wife? a. Nancy b. Hillary c. Barbara d.Laura

5. who directed the 2004 film “the passion of the christ”?

a. Mel Gibson
b. Bill Paxton c. Kevin Costner d. Andrew Adamson

6. Who originally recorded the theme song for the 1997 film...
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