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During the time I have belonged to my local YWCA, I have realized that I am part of a very big, important, and necessary movement. For the YWCA internship strives to enhance and develop young womenleadership, advocacy, and communication, it will surely enable me, as a participant, to develop skills, obtain experience, and acquire knowledge regarding the global issues that influence the WorldYWCA movement.
As an undergraduate studying Translation and Interpretation, I have acquired a background in communication and languages which would definitely be useful for the purposes of theinternship. I am interested in becoming a bridge between cultures and societies, and in learning effective ways in which communication can help solve the problems that women face. During this internship Iwill be able to continue developing my skills and fluency in speaking English and French. Also, participating in this internship will widen my perspective on the issues in which the World YWCA movementfocuses, such as programme development, leadership development, and advocacy. Likewise, this internship will be a useful tool for me to improve the scope of YWCA programmes in Mexico by using goodcommunication skills, and team work.
As Board Secretary in YWCA of Naucalpan, my responsibilities include writing the monthly reports of the Board’s meetings, as well as notifications and lettersissued to YWCA teachers, Board members, and third parties. Also, as an active member, I invite other young women within my community to participate in the YWCA movement. As a YWCA delegate during both the“AIDS 2008 Ecumenical Pre-conference” and the “AIDS 2008 Conference” in Mexico City, I was part of the Youth Caucus where I stated the importance for young people to have an active role in HIV-AIDSprogrammes. The AIDS 2008 Conference also allowed me to use my interpretation knowledge in order to facilitate the communication among delegates.
Through my participation with the YWCA, I have been...
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