Why are girls less friendly than boys?

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  • Publicado : 12 de mayo de 2011
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Why are girls less friendly than boys?

As I walk through the hallway of my school along with my girl and guy friend, I see how theydifferently shake hands and say Hi to people. My guy friend says Hi to 7/10 guys he sees at the hallway, while my girlfriend rarely says Hi to a girl. Girlstempt to be less friendly, and also less easy to maintain a long friendship. There is always an issue that can cause a two girls’ friendship tobreak. There is no certain explanation, but there is reasons that can be point out that might somehow affect this issue.
Guys hardly ever open up toanother guy. Most of the time they talk more about simple subjects, such as preferences, opinions, their day or weekend, but not farther than.Girls more easily trust other girls, and talk about personal issues, and open up talking about their most confidential problems. A girl asks forpersonal advice to almost every “friend” they have, while a guy does not ask for advice at all. That is the reason why girls are usually in conflictswith each other; because they know so much stuff about the other girl that they think they will be telling everyone their secrets.
Vanity, girlsare always trying to look or be better than other girls. That is the reason why sometimes because of envy, conflicts are created. When many girlssay they do not feel any jealously towards their girlfriends, it is a lie. Most girls try to be better than everyone, especially females around them.
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