Why do we have to die

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  • Publicado : 11 de junio de 2011
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Why do we have to die?
For our group project I proposed the following topics: What happens after we are death? I chose this topic because my biggest fear is to die, and I always wonder what happens once you are death. The second topic I chose was why do we have to die? As I mentioned before one of my biggest fear is death and I wonder why do we have to die? Why can we just live forever? Andthe last topic I chose was is there a way to go back in time? I chose this topic because there is many things I did I regret and I wish I could just go back in time and change them.
My group chose the following interesting topics: What is after life? What is the purpose of human beings? Is existence random or there is a reason? If the external world is real, how is it created? If the externalworld is not real, what influence us to think the way we do? Who does really make it after life? Where is the external world take place? And how long does the external world last?
The topics we chose to focus on this inquiry were the following: What is the purpose of human beings? We were interested on this topic because we wonder what our purpose in life is, or if really there is a purpose. Oursecond topics was if the external world isn’t real, what influence us to think the way we do, we also picked this topic because we wonder what is it out there that make us think and act the way we do. Our next topic was who does really make it after life? This topic was interesting for us because we wonder if there is someone that can be immortal and who could it be? Or what do you have to do to makeit after life? And our last topic was I wonder why do we have to die? We chose this topic because it made us think why can we live forever instead?
With the four topics that got us interested on we chose the topic of why do we have to die? We chose this topic because we discussed how the world could be so different if we don’t die and we get to live forever. Some of us thought that if we don’tdie we will get bored in this world, or we could live in pain forever. For instance, we might get hurt and live the pain forever because we can’t die, and it will be like hell on earth. In the other hand, it could be like heaven because I think there would not be serial killers, because no one would be able to die.
Our inquiry “scratched beneath the surface” because with the topic we chose, wediscussed how our world would be different. For instance, if we would live forever there would no violence in the world, because since nobody can die, nobody would try to hurt one another. Another example is if Adolf Hitler would be still alive he would not be the evil person he was when he killed all the Jews, because since nobody dies he won’t be killing anybody. And, also this topic wasconnected with some of the others we had, like what is the purpose of human beings? So we went beneath the surface with our topic.
From the question why do we have to die? Our group concluded that if we don’t die maybe our perspective of life would be different. If we live forever we might be wondering why can’t we die?, So our topic is a big question that has many different opinions, but I think thatif we don’t die there wouldn’t be bad people harming others, I think this world would be in peace, there wouldn’t be war, violence, and many other negative thing that surround our world.
My participation in the inquiry is that I brought the topic my group chose to do this project, and from there we discussed different opinions on the topic. I participated by explained why I chose the question ofwhy do we have to die? And I also participated with my opinion on the other group member’s topics, and decided which one was more interesting for all of us.
The participation of our group was fair, everyone in our group brought very interesting topics. We discussed each one of the topics, and it was hard to decide which to choose since all of them were good. So, we all picked the top four that...
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