Why do we love football?

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  • Publicado : 26 de enero de 2012
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Why do we love football?

Football is the most beautiful sport in the world, in an emotional and social sense. Is aI’m not talking about ‘soccer’, as Americans call football, I’m talking aboutfootball. I don’t know why they call ‘football’ a sport in which you need the hands to play it, and not the feet!

Football is an unforgettable experience for the most of the boys, and that lastsforever. I don’t remember clearly when my father gave me my first ball, but I’m sure it was in Christmas when I was less than 2 years old. I have seen photos in the family albums and in some of them, I amhughing or kicking a ball. Also, I remember when I was a child and played complete afternoons with my friends or the weekends when I played with my father, he was the goalkeeper and I had to try tobeat him and score a goal. Those are all beautiful memories that only footbal can give to a boy.

Most of the times, father and son are fans of the same team. That’s my case, and we are fans ofUniversidad de Chile FC. So, whenever we can, we see “la U” matches on TV, or when the team comes to Concepción, we go to the stadium. To do things such as to celebrate a goal, to shout the name of theteam’s idol or to complain to the referee when he blows for something unfair is exciting and, sometimes, makes me feel relaxed. But to do all these things thit my father, is truly priceless.

Footballmakes me feel all kinds of emotions when my team or the national team plays. I feel anxious before the match, excited and then relaxed just when the match starts, nervous during the match, excited when myteam makes a goal, worried if a player is injured, angry when the other team makes a goal, happy when my team wins or depressed when my team loses. People say that boys don’t cry, but I’ve cried forfootball some times.

Football is more than a sport, is a lifestyle for the people who love it. No matter if you’re rich or poor, fat or thin, tall or short. Everyone can enjoy this beautiful...
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