Why do we study history

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  • Publicado : 12 de octubre de 2010
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Why do we study history?
There are many different reasons for which learn history; unravel the past, learn from our mistakes, predict the future based on past or just know about our origin anddispel the doubts of our existence in the universe.
The story is very important and is linked in all aspects of our lives, history is part of us because as humans we need the information gathered by ourancestors, in other words the passage of information from generation to generation allows humanity to grow and establish itself as the dominant race on earth. There is one particular phrase that says:“An intelligent person would not make the mistakes themselves but learn from other people's mistakes”, this phrase means this phrase means they are less likely to make the same mistake if we rememberthe facts. Humans are beings who understand and solve complex problems; we need history as an indispensable source of information.
There are other reasons to study history, not only to avoid making thesame mistakes of the past, many people study history to remember those who excelled in the past and left an important footprint for humanity. Since the fallen heroes in different fields of battle tothe great thinkers who illustrated the modern world. Many facts of history as wars, economic, political, cultural, social and technological leave a strong imprint on our generation, which is why thehistory is part of our life and we could mention thousands of events that shaped our existence. We could start by war, as the first and second World War which changed the international landscape,economic events as the economic crisis of 1929 and 2007, a political fact as the independence of several African countries in the decade of the 70s, as a cultural like renaissance and ancient Greecelegacy, a social fact as the hippie movement in the 60s and a technological fact as the computer or car, to name a few.
The history also to show our achievements and our mistakes, our features also...