Why is pixar so succesful?

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  • Publicado : 6 de mayo de 2011
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Why is Pixar so succesful?

Pixar animation studio is one of the best computer animation companies in the world. At the beginning Pixar was a computer hardware company and they had poor sales, butin 1991 Pixar did the best gamble in it’s life, Pixar united strenght with Disney, but it was until 1995 that their actions gave fruit with the release of “Toy Story”; after this Pixar released other10 movies, some being more successful than the first one. But what does Pixar have that makes it’s movies so successful?

The first reason is “teamwork”. When you watch Pixar making off of themovies you can see that the people who work there can work without problems,and have an excellent teamwork . But how is this possible? Pixar different of other animation companies does not change workersbut at the same time Pixar searches for new collaborators. This is very helpful when they do movies because the get to know each other an learn how to work with each other, getting the bet results.The second reason is that they do not lose their way, they follow like a law of first quality before quantity or in this case money. Of course they care about money, because if they do not have itthey can no longer make movies. They do not fear mistakes, they prefer re-doing thins when they go wrong instead of continuing a failure project.

The third reason but not last is their originalstories. Even if this reason is not always mentioned you can appreciate it on the movies. When you watch Pixar movies moves have like the magic to make you feel like part of the movie, you can feel theemotions and you can empathize with the characters.

As yo can see a company successful is not based on how much money you put on the project it is more than that, it depends more on the people, theirbelieves and their will to work to create ideas that change the animation history. All this things are contained on the pixar workers, and that is why Pixar is one of the most successful animations...
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