Why is smoking so addictive?

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  • Publicado : 20 de septiembre de 2010
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Maria Laura Ochoa P.
December 7, 2009
English 12A
Why is Smoking so Addictive?
Smoking is extremely bad; although it can be relaxing it is harmful for the body. When people smoke there is a contact of inhalation and exhalation of fumes from burning tobacco, such as, cigarettes, pipes, cigars, etc. (Figure 1) During the 1500s smoking was only practiced by the natives of the WesternHemisphere, and it was done for religious beliefs and medicinal purposes. Everything changed during the nineteenth century due to the fact that smoking tobacco became very popular and it was even considered to some people as a daily routine introducing a new way to relax, even though the rulers did not approve of it. The question people ask themselves is why is smoking so addictive? Generally people notknow or do not want to see is how smoking can affect the human body. Not only this, but also what happens when one decides to quit. Because cigarettes contain nicotine giving up smoking results extremely difficult due to the drug´s addictive effects on people.
Smoking is addictive because it contains nicotine, which alters the balance of the brain, the chemicals dopamine and noradrenalin within thenicotine drastically change the mood and concentration levels. Smoking becomes addictive because as soon as one smokes it might be a feeling of alleviation in all over the body and brain. Most smokers become dependent of cigarettes and tobacco that need makes them to quit smoking become even harder. People become dependent because of this mix of chemicals, feeling they can not do it. Nicotinecauses alteration of dopamine and noradrenalin levels, causing anxiousness to the body, depressiveness an also an irritable mood. Therefore the people who tried to quit cigarette and tobacco 87,4% of them were back in to the vice.
More than 6,000 Americans under the age of eighteen start smoking cigarettes each day and 2,000 would become regular smokers to society. Sadly, smoking is very popularnowadays (Figure 2). Specially on the teenagers that are starting to smoke at young ages, over the years it has been tried to stop but many people continue to smoke because they can not find a way out or they do not count with their family support. ¨Nowadays the cases of smoking by teenagers had doubled within the last five years¨ (Richardson). ¨Their addictions take root on that they forget abouttheir issues and problems, headaches are gone, and they feel their body much more relaxed¨ (Ivanovic). It is also addictive because once they have felt this experience most smokers do not stop to worry whether they are going to get sick in the long run or not. ¨The chances are high that children aged eleven to sixteen have already lighted his first stick or worse, is a full-blown smoker is evengreater when members of his family are smoking, too. And then, of course, there is a peer pressure¨ (Annibale). These people do not realize how badly they can get hurt, and the consequences of losing everything. More than one in five people die because of smoking cigarettes.
Another terrible fact is that every eight second someone dies because of a disease related to smoking. A characteristic of aregular smoker is that the pulse of the heart quickens an extra ten to twenty-five times per minute, or as many 36,000 additional times per day. Smoking doubles the risk of a heart attack. At least 20% heart diseases are caused because people smoke. Smoking can also cause serious lung problems, and reduces the natural defenses of the human body, and it can paralyze the natural cleaning process andthe accumulation of mucus in the lungs, and this causes to get cold faster, and respiratory infections. (Figure 3). About 90% of women die of lung cancer caused by smoking, and another 80% of men also die because of lung cancer. ¨It one has never tried smoking they should keep it that way and if they get the wonder of experience it, think of all those people who have died because of it¨ (Cahill)....
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