Why teenagers are unhealthy?

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Why teenagers are unhealthy?

Teens are in that age. The age when all they want to be accepted by any cost. Normaly a teen will want to be as shown in TV and themagazines just to be accepted he or she will do everything such a changing the way that they eat but not in a positive way they have illnes with names know all overthe globe called anorexia and bulimia these medical issues are very dangerous because you end up dicing for the need or vitamins and the nutrients that your bodyneeds, and this is how these diseases start.

WEight Problems.

Where this teens are small from ages 6 to 13 and are fat they normally are thekids thet everybodylaughs about just because or they aren´t thin as everyone else, an dbecause or they depression they start eating more every day and they fatter. Until one day theynotice that they are very fat and they start doing diets in healthy ways suchs as doing exercise, stop eating Junk Food watching less TV and helping their own body to gettheir goal!!!
But the problem with tis weigth in a small lap of time. When they start to notice that they aren´t losing weight as fast, they start getting obssesdwith their weight. and thi when the next disease starts.


I n this part he or she starts to look well in the internet on how to loose weight or stopeating very discrity or something like that. Some time in internet he or she come by a similiar page as the in anorexia called promia this page like the other oneinspires and help the people that want to be like them.
With phrase "Such as dont stop eating as you like, vomite" or other things that tell you that vomiting is right.
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