Why i am the ideal candidate to intern at mlb.com?

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  • Publicado : 7 de noviembre de 2010
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Why I am the ideal candidate to intern at MLB.com?

The first reason why I am the ideal candidate to inter at MLB is that I love the baseball, is my favorite sport and how every Dominicans I enjoythe baseball since my first years. I got some experience in my country with the USA TODAY, sports weekly magazine and that was amazing, when I was in the field talking with player like, Robinson Cano,Anderson Hernandez, Miguel Tejada, is a great experience.

When I was a child I always want to be a major league player but I took the books first and I have a career but always be in my mind thebaseball dream. In Dominican Republic we have 6 teams with 50 games only the regular season and 18 playoff games, that’s not enough for me I want to see the baseball every day, all the year, thebaseball is my life.

I learned computer soft wares, I have some know ledges about computer hardware, I can speak 3 languages, and I have customer services experience, with 24 years old, I did manythings but I want to work for the baseball industry, with a team or with the MLB. Office. I know everything about the major league baseball, the teams, the players, the rules, the history, the records,the baseball is my life and I would like to be part of your great team.

Everybody knows that Dominican republic have many players in MLB but we will have more in the next 5 years because the youngpeople try to practice baseball only for one reason (get some money) the government right now have a project with the schools for create new baseball academies.

I’m a person who like to be in orderand socially, that’s the reason for I want to work with people (customer service), when I was working in renaissance Jaragua Hotel and casino in Santo Domingo, I had the chance to meet many persons ofthe baseball world and I explain to their my dream of be a baseball expert or work for the baseball industry, every time thy ask me something about the baseball, specially my ESPN friends, Sam...
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