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Chapter 1
1. Why did Professor Pesca want to help Walter?
Professor Pesca want to help Walter because he considers himself in debt to Pesca because I once saved his life.

2. Describe thewoman that Walter met on his way home.
The woman was dressed in white from head to foot. She was slim and had fair hair. And she was nervous and she had a young face.

3. What did the woman inwhite tell Walter that surprised him?
The woman in white said that Mrs Fairlie and her husband, Philip Fairlie, are dead now.

Chapter 2

1. Who is Frederick Fairlie? Describe him.
FrederickFairlie is the uncle for Laura Fairlie. He was about 55 years old with a thin face and pale grey eyes.

2. How are Marian Halcombe and Laura Fairlie related?
Marian and Laura are half- sisters.Marian is daughter for Mr Halcombe and Laura is daughter for Mr Philipe Fairlie. They had the same mother but different fathers.

3. Who is the woman in white?
The woman in white was schoolgirland she taught him of the mother for Laura.

4. How does Walter find out that the woman in white is called Anne Catherick?
Walter find out that the woman is called Anne Catherik because shereads a letter which she said she will always wear white. And the woman in white is exactly like our Laura Fairlie.

5. Why did Walter have a strange feeling when he saw Laura Fairlie pass thewindow?
Because he resemblance with the woman in white.

Chapter 3

1. Why did Walter have to leave Limmeridge House?
Because he was feeling in love with Laura Fairlie , but Laura’s going tomarried.

2. Who did Miss Halcombe think the man in the dream was and why?
The man was Sir Percival because was a man well-known politican with a good reputation.

3. Walter throught that AnneCatherick had written the letter. Why did he think this?
Because he looked in the last sentence of the letter : “Your mother was my best friend”.

Chapter 4

1. How did the woman next to the...
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