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Will (+) Positive form

I will be a good daughter, because my parents are wonderful.
I will live in a beautiful house as long as I study and work so much.
I will do a degree, ifI can study and work.
I will work in a corporation as manager of sales.
I will help to the society to be better.

Won’t (-) Negative form

I won’t marry until that I finish mydegree.
I won’t have babies, because I’m not ready yet.
I won’t fail with my degree.
I won’t to go to Tijuana, because there is much violence.
I won’t fail to my family when theyneed me.

going to (+) Positive form

I’m going to finish the university.
I’m going to go to my brother’s wedding.
I’m going to buy a jacket so pretty.
I’m going to study Frenchat Interlingua.
I’m going to do my social service in the regional hospital.

going to (-) Negative form

I’m not going to visit the beach, because there is a hurricane.
I’m notgoing to fail in my subjects.
I’m not going to fail to my parents.
I’m not going to go the cinema because there isn’t any movie.
I’m not going to eat spicy food, because the doctold me that I must not to eat chili.

Present Continuous (+) Positive form

I’m studying mercadotecnia at UTTEC.
I’m searching where I can do my social service.
I’m living withmy parents, because I love them and they are my motivation.
I’m learning to dance, because I love the music like salsa, banda, etc.
I’m having a relationship with a boy that isamazing and he loves me.

Present Continuous (-) Negative form

I’m not studying English in another school.
I’m not working, because I want to finish the university soon.
I’m notbuying clothes or another thing, because I prefer save money to after.
I’m not doing anything bad, because I want to be a good person.
I’m not traveling, because I have much homework.
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