William faulkner

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  • Publicado : 31 de enero de 2011
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Oswaldo Marín Cortes
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Well now I’m going to talk about: Author William Faulkner

Author William Faulkner is today recognized as one ofAmerica’s greatest writers on the basis of a body of novels that so convincingly portray the cultureof the South in the years following the civil war, with its citizens overcome by grief and defeat andtrying to cling to old values while struggling to take their place un a changing world, The acclaim that today is Faulkner´s however, was slow in coming.

Though Faulkner was praised by some criticsan reviewers during the first part of his career, his novels did not sell well and he was considered a fairly marginal author.For the first few decades of his career , he made his living writtingmagazine articles and working as a screenwriter rather than as a novelist. Throughout this period, he continued to write, thought his novels, sometimes noted for the stirring portrait that they presentedof the life in the post-Civil War South, were generally relegated to the category of strictly regional writting and were not widely appreciated.

Beginning in 1946, Faulkner´s career took anunexpected and dramatic turn as Faulkner
Came to be recognized as considerably more than a regional writer.The Portable Faulkner was published in that year by Viking Press; two years later he was electedto the prestigious National Academy of Arts and Letters; he was awarded to the Novel Prize for literature in 1949. Over the next decade, his work was recognized in various ways, including a NationalBook Virginia. His succes led to degree of affluence that enable him to take up the life of a southern gentleman, incluging horseback riding and fox hunting. Ironically, he died as a result of anaccident related to these gentlemanly pursuits, succumbing as a result of injuries suffered during a fall from a horse.

I think William Faulkner was an unique writer in his times
William was an...