William the conqueror

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“The great leader”By: Maybelline Juárez

All great leaders, has to know how to convince, how to talk the persons into new things. For this we must know that we have to have perseverance
and the most importantone: “Trust in ourselves” I think that’s the key .

As an example we had a one important, famous and valuable person for England “William the Conqueror”.

William was a good king; he was creative,intelligent, strong and smart
he dissolved the great earldoms, which had enjoyed virtual independence under his Anglo-Saxons predecessors, he distribute the lands confiscated from the English to histrusted Norman followers, he introduced the Continental system of feudalism. There are many people who say
that he was a bad person because he killed many persons, but he was a good fighter and hedidn’t give up.

As humans we are always making mistakes even the leaders and kings
but there is another thing that we have to know that a great leader and a great person has to know when they commitit and never give up, because that’s the best way in which we can learn “Making mistakes” but it isn’t means that we don’t have to correct them, it means that when we fall we have to stand up, acceptand correct our mistake and try not to commit it again and so we in that way can succeed in life.

The leader must pay attention to what people want, even if they do not know. Good leaders inspiretheir teams with their vision of a better world and instill confidence, love and gratitude in their working relationships as William the conqueror .For many persons the hardest thing is not to surviveit is to understand other and William the conqueror was not like that.

A leader must have credibility because people need to see it as their personal values like honesty, consistency, commitment,...
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