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1. Table wines
Wines that have a very low volume of alcohol content is said to be table wine. Generally to the wine terminology the table wine can take two different meanings one can be the wine style and the other is the quality level.
Table wines are generally served along with food hence they get the name table wine. Table wines are the most famous and only wine that is found in thedinner table all over the world.
Popular table wines are:
Cabernet Sauvignon
Adams Apple
Pinot Noir
Kaskaskia Concord
Double Decker Red

2. White wine
White grapes are used to prepare most white wines. By letting the skin to soak along with the juice wines can get its color. Since this is the fact it ispossible to make white wine from black grapes. This can be done by extracting the juice carefully and keeping the skin aside. The most famous white wine is champagne. It is prepared from the black grapes.
Can be extracted from black or white grapes, since all grape juice are colorless in the beginning. White wine flavor ranges from very dry to sweet and golden.
Grapes used to make white wineChardonnay GewurtztraminerMuscatPinot RieslingSemillonSauvignon Blanc

3. Red wines
Produced from black, red or blue grapes. Red wine does not get its color from the juice. Red wine gets its color when the juice of the grapes is allowed to have contact with the grapes skin for a long time. Red wine does not get its color by simply soaking the skin; it also has a substance known as tannin.Tannin gives the red wines the density that is ahead of the other white wines. The mouth drying quality of tannin makes you feel the firmness of wine in your mouth. The firmness will be strong if the wine is young.
The qualities of wine will become soft and mix harmoniously with the other factor of the wine as the time passes. This act as the main reason for the red wines to age better than whites.The grapes are fermented as a whole along with the skin and seeds. Red wines can be light or sweet, soft or refreshing.
Though the color of red wines vary greatly their flavor does not differ much as white wine with their counterparts. The flavor of red wine tends to be deeper due to the presence of tannins.
Since red wine has more complex flavor it has to be served at a warmer temperature.Cabernet-SauvignonGamayGrenacheMerlotPinot-NoirSangioveseSyrah/ShirazTempranilloZinfandel

4. Rose wine
Are also called as Blush wines. Rose wines are not true not truly red, instead they have enough of reddish tinge to make them differentiate from the white wines. The color of the rose wines varies depending on the color of the grape variety used for making the grapes. Most of the times rosewines seem to have orange color then pink or purple. Rose wine can be produced in a number of ways. But most of the times the rose wines are prepared by crushing the red grapes as a result they are not able to get much color or tannin from the grapes. Rose wines are white in their character and flavor.
Early days the rose wines were made by simply adding a bit of red wines with the white wines.The wine makers thought that this method will produce some interesting wines which posses the heart character of the red wines and the crispness of the white wines. Then slowly this practice has fallen down.
Drinking rose wine in the hot weather give the feeling of crispness and lightness and is also very refreshing. So it is often referred as summer wines. Generally rose wines are simpler than theheavy white and red wines.
The styles of rose wines vary generally. Rose wines from Europe are so dry while rose wines from the United States are sweet. The most popular rose wine is the White Zinfandel from California.
Most of the rose wines are made from red grapes. The red grape varieties that are used in the preparation of the rose wines are:
Pinot Noir
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