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  • Publicado : 25 de diciembre de 2011
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Wireless-N PCI Adapter

Package Contents

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Wireless-N PCI Adapter Setup Wizard CD-ROM User Guide on CD-ROM QuickInstallation

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1� Installation
The PCI Adapter is installed and set up using the Setup Wizard that is on the enclosed Setup Wizard CD. This Quick Installation is for Windows Vistausers only. If you have Windows XP or 2000, use the other enclosed Quick Installation. IMPORTANT: Do not install the Adapter in your PC until you are instructed to do so or the Adapter will notinstall correctly.


Insert the Setup Wizard CD into your CD-ROM drive.

NOTE: Windows Vista or other personal firewalls may ask for permission to run the software or program. You will need toallow the software to run in order to continue.


The Welcome screen appears on your monitor. Click the Click Here to Start button.


Read the License Agreement and click Next to continuethe installation.


Power off your PC. After installing the Adapter, as shown below, and restarting your PC, the Setup Wizard will continue. Open your PC case and locate an available PCI sloton the motherboard. Check with your computer manufacturer for instructions. Slide the Adapter into the PCI slot. Make sure that all of its pins are touching the slot’s contacts. You may have to apply abit of pressure to slide the Adapter all the way in. After the Adapter is firmly in place, secure its fastening tab to your PC’s chassis with a mounting screw. Then close your PC case. Now you willconnect the antenna stand’s cables to the PCI card of the Adapter. Plug the cable with the blue connector into the blue CENTER ANT port. Then attach the remaining cables to the other ANT ports. Poweron your desktop PC.


After you install the Adapter correctly, the Congratulations screen appears. Click Finish.


The first Windows Vista Wireless Network Configuration utility screen...
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