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  • Publicado : 10 de diciembre de 2010
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SonicView SV-360 Premier/Elite - Using Laptop As Wireless Bridge For iHub this is an explanation on how to use your laptop as a wireless bridge for your sonicview I-HUB--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Step 1
If you have a wireless router and a PC and want to hook up your iHub wireless because its not in the same room as your wireless routerand you don't want to spend the $$ for powerline adapters or a wireless Bridge Adapter and you have a Laptop then this is for you. It will basically turn your laptop into a Wireless Network Bridgeallowing you to run your iHub wireless using your Laptop. many use this for game consoles but it will work for the iHub just the same.

So how do you set-up network bridge?
For starters, built-insoftware network bridge is available in Windows XP and up (of course it doesn’t mean that you can’t get that working or Linux or MacOS, but this guide is for Windows). You need to open “Networkconnections” window - either by going thru Start > Connect To > Show All Connections or by Control Panel > Network connections. Now you need to find out two network cards that are going to be bridged- the one you use for connecting to the Internet ( it would be Wireless card in notebook) and one that’s connected to iHub. Oh, before we start bridging, you have to turn off ICS (right click“Internet” network card, select properties and you should find the right option). Select these cards (by dragging mouse around it or by selecting both with pressed CTRL key), right click and click “BridgeConnections”.

Step 2
With little luck, all should work correctly now. However, if wireless card shows red cross and appears to be not connected, then you probably encountered problem with promiscuousmode support (which required for bridge to work). It should be automatically enabled by bridging process, but often it’s not. Don’t worry - it’s easy to fix. You just have to click Start, select...