Wizard of oz chapter 6

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in the afternoon they came to the end of the forest. there was a wide river in front of them. on the other side of the river were beautiful green fiels which were covered with flowers. the yellowbrick road went on throught the fields. on each side of the road there were trees too, with many kinds of fruits.
oh dear how can we cross this river? doroty asked.
thats easy the scarecrow replied.the tin man must make us a raft. then we can all float across it.
the tin man started work. he chopped down some small trees and joined pieces of together. the tin man was a good woodman and he workedvery hard. but night came before the was finished. so they all went to sleep under the trees. dorothy dreamed of the emerald city and of the great wizard of oz. she dreamed that oz was sending herhome to kansas.
when dorothy woke up she inmediately saw that she was not in kansas but she felt happy now because the dark forest was behind them. the girl picked some fruit for her breakfast andwashed her face then she was ready
the tin man had finished the raft and they were ready tostart. when the raft was in the water doroty sat down on it with toto in her arms. then very carefully the liongot on too he was very heavy and the raft moved up and dows the sacarecrow and the tin man had long poles. they stood at the end of the raft and they held it steady then slowly began to push the raftalong with their poles
at the first everything went well but in the middle of the river the water was moving very fast it was deeper there too the water carried them further and away from the yellowsbrick road.
this is very bad said the tin man. the river is carrying us into the country of the wicked witch of the west. she might catch us
then i will never have brains said the scarecrow sadlyand y will never have courage said the cowardly lion and y will never have heart said the tin man and toto and i will never get back to kansas said dorothy and she began to cry
please do not cry my...
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