Wold peace and globalisation

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World Peace and Globalization.
1 Introduction.
2.1 Background
Globalization plays a very important role in the maintenance of world peace because it stay the pacific communication of thedifferent nations, and also the economical interaction between them. Globalization promotes an economical interdependence and so they limit the possibility of a war between nations. A state that ismore trade-dependent is less likely to fight a partner when a larger trade-derived gain is at stake.

2.2 Problem
Not often, as everything it has a negative effect also, since the terrorism hasalso been part of the globalization effect. In some nations they have experienced attacks from foreign people and this is because of the immigration, and with the illegal immigrations it grows thehuman trafficking, job insecurity and the stealing of local industries leading to an international disruption to the world peace.

2.3 Possible outcome.
An increase in global trade opennesswould reduce the probability of military conflict as it leads to an increase in bilateral trade interdependence. However, when the level of bilateral trade interdependence is held constant, the effect ofincreased multilateral trade openness on the probability of bilateral conflict is not clear. Countries more open to global trade may have a higher probability of dyadic conflict if multilateral tradeopenness reduces bilateral dependence on any given country, thus lowering the opportunity-cost of military conflict.

2 Thesis
3.4 Findings.
The results may derive from the fact that anopen global trading system will prevent a state from initiating a war against any trading partner because other trading partners in global markets prefer to do business with a "peaceful" player.Hence, global trade openness of the dyad can reduce the incentive to provoke a bilateral conflict. We also think that open states can be more peaceful because they become more susceptible to political...
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