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1. What are New Year’s Resolutions?
A decision that you make on the first day of the year about the something you want to achieve.
2. Why does Adrian think that hisspot is growing?
He thinks his spot is growing because he doesn’t have vitamins because his mother doesn’t know about them.
3. When the dog has the operation, what does the vet find? Why?
Hefinds disgusting things and plastic pirates from Adrian’s dad model ship. The vet found these things because the dog must have eaten them.
4. Exactly how old is Adrian at the beginning of his diary?He is thirteen and three quarters.
5. Why did Adrian think Nigel was being polite when he told him that he was going to see a doctor?
Adrian thought Nigel was being polite when he told him he wasgoing to see a doctor because Nigel said he couldn’t see the spot but Adrian could.

6. Why did Adrian decide to go and see a private doctor?
He decided to see a private doctor because he wasworried about his spots and he though the normal doctor wasn’t helping him.
7. Adrian took some comic books to a ‘poor family’. Why did he think they were poor?
He thought they were poor becausethey had a TV in black and white.
8. Why did Adrian think he would be a teenage criminal out on the streets?
He thinks this because his parents weren’t looking after him.
9. Why does Adrianhave to visit a man call Bert Baxter?
He has to visit this man because he joined a group at school to help old people.
10. Where did Adrian’s mother get a job?
She got a job the same place whereMr. Lucas works.

11. Why is Adrian angry with Nigel?
He is angry with Nigel because he’s going out with Pandora.
12. Adrian says that his father is cross because Mr Lucas doesn’t want to seehim. What do you think the real reason is?
I think the reason is because he’s fond of his wife, he is always with her and he thinks that Mr Lucas is driving Pauline away from the family.
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