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Why do womanizers exist???
The womanizers always have existed and I believe that they will continue existing, many women wonder why many men are womanizers??? What motivates them todoing it or why they do it??? If they have already a couple, they do for fun??? For feeling well??? Or maybe for increasing his autoesteem??? Well there are some reasons for this behavior in some men,reasons that they were helping to understand a bit better because the womanizers exist.
The womanizers exist, because unlike the woman, the majority of the men can separate the sex of the love and ofhis feelings, since the emotions of the men are less sensitive and more visual, it’s because a man search the physical side before that the sentimental side, and the man was seeking to do of everythingto have this woman, even they can cheat the women to achieve his goal, it’s just sexual unconscious desire - due to the hormone called testosterone, is the culprit of whom the men are like that - justthey will be honest with the woman that they want to take as a wife and mother of his children, some, not all of course.
The natural instinct of the man is to preserve his genes in all the womenthat be possible, because the man to being a rational animal, even preserves this animal instinct, the difference is which the man when developed the intelligence, did rules to live in harmony with thesociety and one of these rules is the "loyalty", this avoids that a man to have different women every day, and this one be outcast of the society, besides if the man has a couple he must respect andbe loyal.
Another reason for this behavior is the social environment, mean that some men comment infidelity for the pressure of his friends, and prove his manliness for not to lose the respect ofthem. Another reason is the psychological side, since when a child observes that his father is a womanizer, this when grow up is very possible that he become in a womanizer.
In conclusion, the...
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