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  • Publicado : 30 de abril de 2011
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Good days gentleman. Does Adónde travel you, please?
· Go to Ljubljana.
Does it leave his passport me, please?
· Here it has, miss.
Thank you. Baggage to invoice?
· Not. Only I take ahandbag.
Corridor or window?
· pardon?
Do you prefer corridor or window?
· Ah! So …, corridor, please.
Very well, here it has: door M63, embark to
18.05. His seat is 5F. Good trip, gentleman.· very nice, thank you. Good day.
Flight IB 1146 with target Barcelona, loading for
The door D63.
· Last call for the gentlemen Myszkowski, lady
Lerner, ladies Volpi and Ainciburu andgentleman Joao gives
Forest Mouro: I fly with target Tel Aviv, loading
For the door B12.
· Beg pay attention to the screens. In this one
Airport notices are not issued for megafonía.
· For hissafety, we beg support his belongings
Controlled at all time.
Lady, please …, the shoes.
· how?
One take the shoes, please.
· the shoes?
Yes, lady, safety reasons. And the earrings,
The clock,the belt …
· it is the first time that I have to take from me
Very well, thank you, lady happens …
Miss excuses, might it change seat please? It is that here I have
Very little Ispread for the legs.
· Pardon, gentleman, but you owed to have warned in the counter of loading
In order that they were putting him in the row 14, next to the emergency exit.
Already it be a miss,but I ask for it him now.
· A moment, gentleman, to seeing if someone wants to change the site.
Gentlemen passengers, in brief moments we will proceed to
To offer them our service of sale onboard. They can
To request the articles that they wish to our personnel.
· Please, it wanted a few sunglasses of the brand Gafalux
That I have seen in the catalogue.
Of lady or of gentleman?
·Of lady.
A moment, please … I am sorry, lady, not us
There stay sunglasses of this brand
· go! And the hanger of Esnietowsky's crystal?
In green or in red, lady?
· In green.
In green we do...
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