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  • Publicado : 3 de diciembre de 2011
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Homage done to the former brigadier krassnoff. Informative writing:

Miguel Krassnoff is famous nazi in Chile for personally torture people during the dictatorship. Today, a fascistpolitic, Labbé, organized a homage for Krassnoff. Human Rights organizations and the people were raging but they did it anyway, and used the police to repress anyone who disagrees. The president ofthe Senate, Guido Girardi, denouced the controversial and dangerous homenage to Miguel Krassnoff, who was convicted of multiple crimes against humanity. He was a Chilean military official during thePinochet government and ex head of DINA, the military secret police.The last week, at Club Providencia, there was a huge protest, which resulted in flights between the groups and police firing tear gasat the crowds. Girardi said: “It is not possible that public authorities honor torturers and murderers. It is not acceptable that municipal premises, are used for these events. It is not democraticthat your party supports a militant who has incurred faults that go against the constitution and the law. President Sebastián Piñera, to take the measures that the case requires: Labbé should beprevented from reapplying for office as he clearly has not responded as democracy demands. ” Cristián Labbé is the mayor of Providencia and authorizedthehomage.

Critical writing: Krassnof

PersonallyI do not know what goes through your people head that give honors to someone who has more than 100 years in jail for domestic torture of many people. I do not know what people think. Is incrediblethat a country club in Santiago’s borough of Providencia brought out an unusual mix of guests and protesters on Monday for an event held in tribute to retired brigadier and convicted torturer MiguelKrassnoff. Public officials are among former secret police agent’s admirers and victims. Thank God Krasnoff is serving a 144-year sentence for crimes against humanity, including kidnapping and torture...
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