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C) Complete with the present progressive of the verbs in parentheses.
A. What are you doing?
B. I am sending email to john.
A. Where ´s jean?
B. Shedecorating the living room for the party on new year`s old eve.
A. Are you going to a party now?
B. Yes, it’s my best friend’s birthday.
A. My Mother preparing some snacks right nowbut my dadis not helping her. He watches TV.
A. It snowing outside and the children making a snowman in the yard.

C. Complete with the present simple pr the present progressive ofthe verbs in parentheses.

(1) Are all at home. Olivia
(2) Usually does her homework at this time of day. But it´s thanksgiving dinner today, so she (3) is helping her mom in the kitchen.They (4)are preparing thanksgiving dinner. Her dad (5)usually watching TV. But now he (6) is decorating the living room. Sheila. Olivia´s little sister, are (7) sitting on the sofa. She (8) is drawingpictures fir this special day.

E) Complete the sentences with the present progressive of de the verbs in parentheses.
1. I am having a party tomorrow do.
Do you want to come?
2.Mary´s sister is leaving for Italy next weekend
3. are you coming with us to the restaurant?
B. Complete with the word in the box
Friendly –Popular- Hotel- Area- Island- Money
1. The springfestival is very popular in my city
2. I want to go area for my summer vacation this year. I love swimming
3. David loves staying at hotel during his vacation. He doesn´t like camping4. Mr. Taylor is a very friendly person. He´s my favorite teacher.
5. I can´t get the equipment for the scuba diving lessons. I don´t have enough island.
6. We can´t alone in this money.It´s very dangerous.

D) Use the prompts and the present simple or the present progressive to make sentences.

1) They/Watch/TV/every afternoon/?
Do the watch TV every afternoon?...
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