Work assessment

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“Assessment is the systematic collection, review, and use of information about educational programs undertaken for the purpose of improving learning and development”.

In the work field we couldsay it’s the systematic collection, review, and use of information about work programs undertaken for the purpose of improving performance effort and development.


It’s a methodthat is used to evaluate people; its objective is to discover the behavior of a possible candidate for a job. The assessment center method involves multiple evaluation techniques, including varioustypes of job-related simulations, and sometimes interviews and psychological tests.

For example:

- Group discussions.

- Simulations of interviews with “subordinates “or “clients”.- Analysis/decision-making problems.

- Oral presentation exercises.

- Written communication exercises.

Simulations are designed to bring out assesses behavior or knowledge in thetarget dimensions. A traditional assessment center involves approximately six participants and it may last about three days, the participants are put through simulators, as they are being observed bysome assessors who are trained to observe and evaluate behavior and knowledge level, the observe each participant in each simulation and they take notes, when the simulations end, the assessors gettogether and share observations, their final assessment contain in a written report, details of strengths of participants and decision of who works better for the company.

The most important featureof an AC is that it doesn’t relate to a current job performance, but to a future one. This is especially useful when assessing individuals who hold jobs that don’t offer them an opportunity to exhibitbehavior related to the target position or level. This is often the case with individuals who aspire to management positions but presently hold positions that don’t give them an opportunity to...
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