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topic because we think that teachers should take into account other important aspects such as didactic resources, not only they should use the textbooks.
2ª Diapositva: Introduction I begin dealingwith the use of textbooks in class
Traditionally teachers have considered the textbook like a perfect method to teach. However many teachers have considered necessary to create their own materialsbecause doesn’t exist any book adapted to a specific learning situation. In this work we discuss about the most important materials that teachers should use in order to motivate learners. The mainobjective of these materials is help learners in the development of the language in all skills (listening-speaking-reading-writing).
— The textbook has been the perfect method for many years.
—Nowadays, many teachers create their own materials.
— Didactic Resources are any instrument that helps us to achieve any goal.
4ªDiapositiva: The authentic English classroom.
— In order to motivatelearners in the acquisition of the L2. They can achieve this situation creating in the corner of the class one place where learners can feel the real English. So we can find flashcards, didactic posters,advertising cuts, real objects, different , and so on. From my point of view I consider that this distribution of the classroom could have a lot of effective results.
Diapositiva 6ª: Didactic PostersThis kind of material is a color illustration with big size in order to all learners can see it.
With this tool we could teach simple sentences with a direct message. Its design is pedagogical andits intention is to show specific topics, for instance: habits (we can make a didactic poster in which appear wash your hands before dinner or speak English in class, so on.)
Diapositiva 9ª GamesTeachers should try to find different ways or situations in order to make funny and motivating their class. Learners need constant changes of activity (they usually not sit and listen). Games help...
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