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My life.

I was born in Crasy City on jun 29 of 1998 in central.
My mom is 43 years, my dad is 53. I have 2 brothers, they are bigers to me.
When I was 6years my family and I moved from a home and I come to live here in school, before that I was live in town .
When I was in first grade I was to a school called Arnais,after going to that school I switched to one called that in English means ‘’Children's house‘’ after that I went to a school called ‘’Educrea’’ that wasMontessori method and in that school I finished my primary school, then I switch to this school IPECYT.
When I was 8 years I practice Tae Kwon Do and now I practice yoga.About my family.
My dad is physic-mathematical and he was work to the Autonomous University of Puebla and he was work in the Benito Juarez High School now hework in a secondary school.
My mom is lawyer and she work in an office in the center of the city in a building called Carolino with the general lawyer of theBUAP.
My brother Fermin is 19 and he is studding physiotherapy.
My other brother is 26 and he is in USA, he is a Chef in a restaurant.

My favorite things.
I likeplay the flute and I love sing, just with my friends another thing I like it do is draw. I like eat pizza, spinach and apples I like the strawberry to.
Myfriends are really special I think that I’m very cautious to choose my friends. I really consider Nora and Belen as friends but I think that Karla and Frida are angryall the time.

I have a pet named Coshi he is a dog I really love he I think that he is my best friend, I know that he don’t stand me but I tell he everything.
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