Working with twilight

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Student: Romina Juncos
Working with the bestseller

• Find in the bestseller….. (in all cases, reproduce the sentence and note the number of the page where it appears. Also make brief notes of the context where it appears. e.g. who’s talking to who – whether it happens in a descriptive or narrative part; what’s going on in the story)
… 5 instances of:

1. Inversion of subject andverb.
2. Passive beginning with ‘It’
3. Passive beginning with the IO
4. Reduced relative clauses
5. Participial clauses
6. WH clauses
7. Clauses of purpose, reason, time, result, concession

• Note down…. (in all cases, reproduce the sentence and note the number of the page where it appears. Also make brief notes of the context where it appears)

1. 5vocabulary items / expressions that you looked up in the dictionary. What do they mean?
2. 3 vocabulary items / expressions used to describe ways of: a) looking; b) talking; c) walking or moving.
3. 5 phrasal verbs
4. 3 idiomatic expressions / proverbs or sayings (whether they appear in their full form or reduced)

Best Seller: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

5. Instances ofInversion
• “As was my routine, I glanced first toward the Cullen’s table” (Page 145) Narrative: She was paying attention to what the Cullens did at school.
• “So am I. I told you it doesn’t matter what you are” ( Page 190) Dialogue: Bella is talking to Edward, explaining him that even though he tells her he is dangerous, she has fallen in love with him.
•“Neither could I, he teased as he started the engine” (Page 228) Narrative: Bella and Edward are talking about their last night in which they couldn’t sleep.
• “Neither do I, for that matter” (Page 245) Dialogue: Bella and Edward are having an argument.
• “So involved was I in my escapist day dreams, I lost all track of the second racing by” (Page 441) Narrative: Bella took a taxi torescue her mother who was kidnapped by a vampire.
Inversion beginning with ‘It’
• “It was sent eight hours after the first” (Page 33) Narrative: It refers to an email that Bella received from her mother.
• “Besides, I thought it was supposed to come down in flakes- you know, each unique and all that” (Page 39) Dialogue: Bella and Mike are out of class, talking about theweather (it was snowing)
• “It was like a perfectly delivered line by a skilled actor” (Page 65) Narrative: Bella is thinking about something Edward said to her, something that she doesn’t believe is true.
• “Okay, it’s all taken care of” (page 102) Dialogue: A nurse is talking to Bella.
• “And it was almost warm, his usually icy skin” (Page 277) Narrative: Bella isdescribing what she felt when she touched Edward’s skin.
Inversion beginning with IO
• “It was in my town that I’d been compelled to spend a month every summer until I was fourteen” (Page 3) Narrative: Bella is referring to Forks,
• “I wasn’t allowed to call him Charlie to his face” (page 6) Narrative: this refers to the fact that Bella called his father by his name butnever on his face.
• “It had been belonged to me since I was born” (Page 9) Narrative: Bella is referring to her bedroom.
• “I’d been too mesmerized by their faces” (Page 32) Narrative: Bella is describing the way in which the Cullens and Hale were dressed, something that she hadn’t noticed until that moment because what called her attention were their pale faces.
• “Iwas surprised by the malice in it” (Page 112) Narrative: Bella refers to the unfriendly way in which Lauren looked at her, because she didn’t want Bella to be part of the group.
Reduced Relative Clauses
• “First a wedding picture of Charlie and my mom in Las Vegas, then one of the three of us in the hospital after I was born, taken by a helpful nurse, followed by the procession of...
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