Works at a height.

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No work at height should be permitted where it is reasonably practicable to carry out the work safely by some other means.

Preparation for Work at Height.Every employer has always tried to make sure that working at height should be analyzed with a risk assessment. It must be properly planned, appropriately supervised andcarried out safely. Planning of work includes planning for emergencies and rescue.
Work at height must only be carried out when the weather conditions do not jeopardize thehealth or safety of persons involved in the work.
People may not engage in any activity (including organization, planning and supervision) in relation to work at heightunless he is competent to do so or, if trained, is being supervised by competent person.

Carrying out Work at a Height.
Where work is carried out at height, suitable andsufficient measures ought to be taken to prevent any person from falling and suffer personal injury.
Should measures taken do not eliminate the risk of a potential falls,employers shall provide sufficient work equipment to minimize the consequences of a fall and must also provide training and instruction.
In selecting equipment for work atheight priority shall be given to collective protection measures over personal protection measures. The selection should also take into account the working conditions, the risksto the safety of persons at the place where the work equipment is to be used, the consequences of a potential fall, the duration and frequency of use, the need for easy andtimely evacuation and rescue in an emergency, and additional risk derived from the use, installation or removal of that work equipment or by evacuation and rescue from it.
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