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Unknown Concepts Unclear words or concepts that need to be defined and/or explained. |
Gross domestic product, |
Definition of the Problem Identify the problem establishing who/what, when andwhere. |
Exportation is the main economic source of the major powers of Asia, how would the rest of the world be affected if the industry and exportation in Asia was reduced dramatically becauseof the environmental problems? |
Problem Analysis In the text, distinguish what you know and what you need to know in order to solve the problem. |
What do we know? | What do we need to know? |The 90% of our daily used products, clothing, food, technology, etc. come from Asia.Economy in the rest of the world would be seriously affectedIf the industry was let down because of the low pricesof manufacturing in Asia, this would lead to higher prices in other countries manufacturing, spending more money on it.The environment would be extinguished if we continue the high use of industrialprocesses due to the heavy pollution itproduces. | Which country is the one that produces and exports the most?What would be the effects in the world if there is a decrease in the Asianindustry?What other alternatives could there be to partly replace the actual industry?What actions can be taken to help out the environment without taking apart the Asian industry? |
LearningobjectivesEstablish the objectives based on the knowledge that needs to be achieved, using action verbs. The objectives determine the direction your activity will eventually take. Select the sources to consult theinformation necessary to create an individual report with all your findings. |
The basic purpose of this report is to explain and back-up our proposed ideas and thoughts about what we know about thenarcos. We are going to investigate and clear any doubts we have in respect with our government, our military and police officers, in coordination with the narco activity and its influence on their...
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