World population

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  • Publicado : 31 de enero de 2012
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The World Population
In this year the World Population increase a lot, now in the year 2011 there are 7 000 000 000 people (SevenBillion People), in the month of October, born a kid in Philippines, that kid was the one who made or complete the Seven Billion people inthe world. The world population in this year it is good for me, it is not bad and not good, i am in both of them. I am in pro andagainst that. I’m in pro because it’s good to have more people in the world, because in the year 2025 there would not be so much people inthe world like it is now, because now the people they don’t want to have a lot of kids, they want to have like 2 o 3 kids máximum. I amagainst too, because most of the people in te world have a lot of babies and they don’t take care of them, because they like to havesexual relationships, and in some countries they are poor, and the kids and the people who live there, die everyday because they don’thave the necessary things to cure the people that are sick, and when in a family they have 4 kids or 5 kids and the parents they don’tfeed them, and they don’t take care of them or living in poor economic situations, and if there is more people there would not be somuch nature, like the rivers, forests, lakes, etcétera. Because the people would remove all and put houses or they would do a city.
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