World war ii

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Holly Emmeline Machain
B. Harris
History 101-360
April 24th, 2010
ID. 0629-992
World War II
The most catastrophic event on Earth, the World War II had an enormous impact on the American society. At first, Americans didn´t believe the war was producing any effect on their people, but after the Pearl Harbor attack, they made war something of their own.
To most Americans,World War II was “the good war.” U.S. losses-some 300,000 dead-paled beside the tens of millions dead in Europe and Asia, and American soil was unscathed. In fact, the war made America once again a land of opportunity and hope as it ended the Depression, redistributed income, and transformed the United States into a largely middle-class society. (Boyer, Clark y Hawley 540)
Even though Americadidn´t felt that it was worth enteting to war, they would embrace the war economically, culturally and morally because of Pearl Harbor. “The sudden criminal attacks perpetrated by the Japanese in the Pacific provide the climax of a decade of international immorality” (Roosevelt). People was confident that they were been told everything about what was going on out there, Americans thought they knewthe whole truth about what was happening in Europe, in fact FDR mentioned to the people “You are, I believe, the most enlightened and the best informed people in all the world at this moment (Roosevelt, War in Europe). So they had a big trust on the media, and when the Pearl Harbor attack was transmited, everybody felt ruined and betrayed; America decided then that it was time for them to recalltheir decision of peace and enter to war.
Some of the effects that America´s mobilization for war had on the nation were really outstanding
In December 1941 American armed forces numbered only 1.6 million, and war production accounted for just 15% of U.S. industrial output. Pearl Harbor changed everything. Within a week of the attack, Congress passed the War Powers Act, granting thepresident unprecedented authority. (Boyer, Clark y Hawley 545)
Roosevelt established the War Production Board, which intentions were to allocate materials, and to limit the production of civilian goods. By 1942 the United States achieved a massive production of all appliences for war. “America also became the world´s greatest weapons manufacturer, producing more war materiel by 1945 than itsAxis enemies combined” (Boyer, Clark y Hawley 545). More than six million people left farms and began to work in the cities, there was also vacants in schools because of the many students who went and served the armed forces; this vacants were then occupied by women, which outrises the importance of women in society. Industrialization gain more and more power everyday, and higher education becamemore dependent on the federal government.
Because women had a greater impact on society now, their work wages changed positively. Another group that was benefited because of war were African Americans, “The battle against the Axis had to destroy racism at home as well as Nazi racism, and victory had to mean victory over racial discrimination as well as triumph on the battle field” (Boyer,Clark y Hawley). They were experiencing a new attitude of independence, educational and employment opportunities. Going on with minorities who gained power during war, we have the Native Americans, who served in the armed forces as “code-talkers” “[W]ho confounded the Japanese by relaying secret messages in an unbreakable code based on their native toungue” (Boyer, Clark y Hawley 552)
America´sstrategy for ending the war in Europe and Asia was a really smart one. Even though America felt the grief of what happened at Pearl Harbor, they didn´t act instantly to the attack of Japan. They waited until they built more armament and materials to go to war “decently”. The presence of the American troops in these land gave a great impact to the World. First they decided to allie to France and...
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