World war ii

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  • Publicado : 15 de marzo de 2012
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The war in the Pacific and the first victories allies
When the war started in Europe in September 1939, the Japanese, in spite of their continued progress in China, did not see the end of aconflict that wanted them longer and sterile. The Declaration of war against Germany United Kingdom and France opened the Japan perspective of European colonies in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. In late1940, Japan had decided that if starting an offensive, this would aim the United States positions its main adversary in the Pacific. Between 7 and 8 December 1941, the Japanese bombed installationsUnited States at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and the Philippines. Then the United States declared war on the axis. Despite the initial advantage obtained by surprise attack, Japan lost critical naval battles ofsea coral and Midway in May and June 1942. At this time, the war in the Pacific changed its sign. Japan had lost their first line carriers and most of their best pilots. Thereafter, the Japanese andAllied naval forces were leveled. American Pacific strategy was to use naval or amphibious forces to advance through the strings of Islands towards Japan, while ground forces on a smaller scalecooperated with the British and Chinese in the Asian continent. In North Africa, the British, in 1940-1941 had removed much larger Italian forces engaged in battle with the German Africa Korps led by fieldMarshal Erwin Rommel. In July 1942, German offensive against Egypt was arrested at the battle of El Alamein. At that time ended up hopes of a quick victory in Africa Germany. Rommel troops wereexhausted and subject also to the harassment of the British. Allied reinforcements to North Africa arrived in the middle of October 1942. Numerical superiority over the German troops was so strong that inNovember Rommel lacked the strength to resist and ordered the withdrawal time. German troops gradually retreated towards Tunisia, until they capitulated in May 1943.
Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel (15...
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